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Jacksonville Beach's
Bath House Pet Grooming
&  Spa
We love to come here for our “spa
With love, Phillip and Mona. (the
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Sammy and Katie
Whow!! Che-Wa Wa! at the
Bath House
Clicquot and Voltaire love the special
treatment at the Bath House.
Marty loves to go see his Bath House family !
He always comes home smelling so nice,
and they clip his nails and clean his ears as
part of the bath. Thanks to all the girls there.
Ya'll are awesome !
The people at BathHouse Pet Grooming are so fantastic- as soon as you
walk in the door you can tell how much they LOVE dogs!  Thank you so
much for always taking such very good care of my beloved dog, Lucky.  Not
only does she come home looking & smelling wonderful but I can always
tell that she had a great time while she was with you. I will recommend the
BathHouse to anyone who seeks the best for their pet.

Thanks again!
Taryn Burns
(& Lucky)
This is miss Ju-Ju laying on
the sofa with her toy. Looking
cute and ready for the
camera . Say cheese!
Sushi and Chang
Lollipop & Milkdud!  We love you and so do
they!!! Many Thanks for always taking such
good care of them and treating us all like

Lots of Love,

Susan Fort
I just wanted to let you know that Abby obviously had a wonderful time with you
today!  She actually whimpered at me when I opened the door for her to get
into the car as she was trying to pull me back to your door!  She even looked
forlornly out the window as we pulled away.  :-) Her cleaned-up face and paws
look great and she smells wonderful.  You took beautiful care of her today and
we will be back for a more complete groom next time.  I was worried about
her first groom and you exceeded my expectations.

Thank you and we'll be back!

Hope Strickland
You ladies do such an awesome job.  We
snapped this pic  for you today after our visit.
They have been sleeping since then, thank
you!!!!!   ;-)

"Darla and Lulu say Thank you to Rae and her
talented folks - we feel like pretty girls again."
Buttons came for a haircut, she left
happy and looks adorable. This was
our first time at Bath House we will
be back.
Duncan just chilling at home
Thanks to you, Sylvia and Kyle for providing a
new "do" for Bristol. Since he has 3
generations of champion show dogs in his
pedigree, we were looking forward to his
show grooming. He enters many contests,
thus he needs to look mahvelous . You did a
wonderful job and all his friends are jealous.
We have already recommended you to our
Thanks again.

Susan and Jack Winkler
We now include FREE Blueberry Facial and paw/pad conditioners for dogs on the run, as well as Skin and Coat conditioner

we also offer Pre-booking with a reminder call service
Are you fussy about the care your baby gets? Have you looked around and don't
feel comfortable about who cuts your baby's hair? Well stop looking because let
me tell you about the bath house! Its more like a vacation land for dogs, With
drinks, treats, and there own personal groomer!
Excuse me I wish I had it so good! I went there the first time and had a look
myself, Let me tell you people they are 2nd to none when it comes to dog care!
Our baby is the love of our home now that all of our kids are grown, she is our Kid
and let me tell you is she spoiled (YES) that's our privilege. Raet  the owner has
one goal in life and that is to make your pet feel at ease wile in her care and she
has one of the best care teams I have ever seen and I have seen a lot! Hats off to
the Bath house Team!

AL Farrar